Information on the Illinois Nurse Aide Testing Program

Nurse Assistant Competency Exam Application Submission Formats:

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[PDF] – Illinois Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide Competency Exam Application Guidelines For Illinois Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide Program Coordinators/Instructors

[PDF] – Sample Letter for Requesting Special Needs Test

[PDF] – Test Site Names and Codes

[PDF] – IDPH Nurse Aide Training Program Curriculum / 2011 Illinois Nurse Aide Task List Matrix

IDPH Training Program Documents:

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[PDF] – Program Coordinator Training Guide

[PDF] – NATCEP New Program Submission Checklist

[PDF] – ANATP/BNATP Instructor Code Request and Approval Form

[PDF] – BNATP Facility Equip & Supplies Form

[PDF] – BNATP Allocation of Hours Form 2020

2020 Master Schedule Content
[PDF] – Master Schedule Instructions
[PDF] – Master Schedule Calendar Form 2020 – 2021

2021 Master Schedule Content
[PDF] – Master Schedule Calendar Form May 2021 – Jun 2022

[PDF] – BNATP Hybrid Policy 10 2020
[PDF] – BNATP Hybrid Allocation of Hours 20212
[PDF] – Hybrid New Program Application

[PDF] – Program Cluster Score Report Information Sheet

[PDF] – BNATP Model Program 2020 (pdf)

[DOC] – BNATP Model Program 2020 (word)

[PDF] – Late Completion Instructions

[DOC] – Corrective Action Plan Template

[PDF] – 2015 Illinois Nurse Aide Task List Survey Results

[PDF] – IDPH Performance Skills Manual – August 6, 2020

[PDF] – Instructor Approval Training Requirements

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