Test Item Development

Welcome to the Test Item Development page for the Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) Illinois Nurse Assistant/Aide Competency Evaluation (INACE) Project. We are releasing many exciting new programs including online registration and computer-based testing. This is another project tool to benefit the Basic Nursing Assistant (BNAT) programs as well as assist the project in meeting its test item development goals.

On this page, you will find links to many development tools. Links found below. These are the same tools that are used by INACE, CNA Educators, CNA Supervisors and experienced CNAs to develop field test items for the competency exam development process. We hope that you will find it useful in the development of multiple choice items for tests in your own program.

The tools include a 2016 Test Item Development power point presentation which will provide you with industry standard information regarding the anatomy of multiple choice test questions, general guidelines, tips for writing stems and distracters, etc. Other information you will find are multiple choice test writing rules and a checklist for evaluating multiple choice questions.

Possibly the most useful tool you will find is a task analysis sheet for each task that may be represented on the competency examination in a given month. Currently there are 199 tasks that are performed by CNAs on-the-job in Illinois that were identified by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Advisory Committee for testing purposes. These task analysis forms are used as a tool to identify the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes needed to successfully perform each task. From there, you are just a well written stem, three plausible distracters, and a key away from a well written multiple choice question.

Finally, we are utilizing a new tool called the Test Item Worksheet Submission Form as a way to get the most impact out of the test item development process. As CNA Educators, you have a vested interest in the competency evaluation process. By submitting a question for review and possible field test, you have a direct means to add your expertise to the final evaluation process. This method of development will broaden the input, involve more CNA Educators in the process and ultimately improve the quality and quantity of items that are available to field test. This will also make it a year-round process instead of a more concentrated effort every three years. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Working together is how we continue to strive for perfection knowing we will achieve excellence. Thank you for all that you do to enrich the educational process for CNAs in Illinois.


2016 Test Item Development Power Point Presentation
Duty Area A Communicating Information Task Analysis
Duty Area B Performing Basic Nursing Skills Task Analysis
Duty Area C Performing Personal Care Skills Task Analysis
Duty Area D Performing Basic Restorative Skills Task Analysis
Duty Area E Providing Mental Health & Social Services Task Analysis
Duty Area F Providing Resident’s Rights Task Analysis
Multiple Choice Test Writing Rules
Checklist for Evaluating Multiple Choice Questions

Test Item Development Worksheet

Click Here to Access Worksheet