Cluster Score Reports

No Corrective Action Plan (C.A.P.) is required for programs with a test count (n) of 10 or fewer in Cluster Score Report analysis.

For January – December 2022 Cluster Scores, the following applies.

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) if applicable

The Program Coordinator shall submit a Corrective Action Plan based on the 12-month Program Cluster Scores Summary Report for the following:

*Any two or more Test Content Clusters scores (including total score) below the following goals:

  • Communicating Information: 50%
  • Performing Basic Nursing Skills: 70%
  • Performing Personal Skills Care: 70%
  • Performing Basic Restorative Skills: 70%
  • Performing Mental Health & Social Services: 50%
  • Providing Resident’s Rights: 50%
  • Total (mean score: 70%

*All test cluster scores meet the goals, but the total (mean) score is below 70%, and the first-time pass rate of the certification examination is below 90%, a CAP would be required.

*First-time passing rates on the certification examination of 90% or greater will not require a CAP regardless of the scores.

This Corrective Action Plan must be submitted to the Department within 30 days of receipt of the 12-month report unless prior contact is made with the Department. Additional information is detailed on the Corrective Action Plan template linked here.

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