Voucher Purchase Information


If the cost for the first exam is part of the training program’s fee, then the training program will need to forward a company check to  Nurse Aide Testing at 1840 Innovation Drive, Suite 103, Carbondale, IL  62903 to cover the cost of the students’ test fees.  The vouchers would be used by the students in place of a credit/debit card payment.  The check should be payable to SIUC and should be made in the amount of however many students would need to test (i.e., 10 vouchers x $85.00 equals $850.00). 

  • Timeliness of submission of payment:  Please note that you should leave enough time for the check to get to our office through the mail and allow your students time to register.  There is a 24-hour turnaround time from the time our office receives the check to process it and prepare vouchers and send them to you via e-mail.  Please note on the front of the envelope – Attn:  Vouchers.  It would be helpful to include a short cover letter informing our office of the number of students the check will cover, the amount of the check, and the e-mail address of the program coordinator. 
  • Receipt of Vouchers.  Immediately upon receipt of the check, vouchers will be prepared using the INACE program.  The voucher numbers will be e-mailed to the Program Coordinator for distribution and will be contained in an Excel Spreadsheet.  This should be used to list the student’s names next to the voucher numbers they are given. 
  • Voucher Expiration:  The vouchers will not expire until December 2027. 
  • Voucher use:   The vouchers are only good for one submission and should only be distributed to those students who have successfully completed the program.  Please note that when the vouchers are created, they are not assigned to any specific student.