Nurse Aide Testing Team Viewer Support

Introduction and disclaimer:
Team Viewer is remote support application that allows our technical staff access to your computer desktop. It is widely used by many companies in the US and Worldwide, however, the Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Exam project makes no endorsement for, or assumes any responsibility for the Team Viewer product. By downloading and running the application you are acknowledging you understand the contents and meaning of our disclaimer and are accepting any risks of using a third-party application.

If you choose to use Team Viewer in partnership with INACE, we strongly urge you to delete the downloaded file as soon as your remote support session has ended. The file is typically found in your downloads folder.

To download the application for Windows click HERE. (LINK TO EXTERNAL RESOURCE)

To download the application for MacOS, click HERE. (LINK TO EXTERNAL RESOURCE)

To learn more about Team Viewer, please visit their home page by clicking HERE.