Performance Skills Videos

Performance Skills Videos for Evaluating Certified Nurse Aide Training

The primary purpose of the videos is to demonstrate the skills that must be observed when evaluating the performance of the manual skill component of the Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Examination. All training program instructors and evaluators are responsible for assuring that all CNA students are competent to successfully perform all 21 Manual Performance Skills as part of the Nurse Assistant Competency Examination in the State of Illinois.

The Illinois Nurse Aide Training Skill Evaluation DVD was developed as a joint effort between the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Southern Illinois University Nurse Aide Testing Project, and the John A. Logan College CNA Training Program.

Click the links below to view clips from the Illinois Nurse Aide Training Skill Evaluation DVD. If you have any problems viewing the videos, please contact us at this link.

Performance Skills DVD – Contents

Beginning and Completion Tasks
1. Wash Hands
2. Perform Oral Hygiene
3. Shave a Resident
4. Perform Nail Care
5. Perform Perineal Care
6. Give Partial Bath
7. Give Shower or Tub Bath
8. Make Occupied Bed
9. Dress a Resident
10. Transfer Resident to Wheelchair Using a Transfer Belt
11. Transfer Using Mechanical Lift
12. Ambulate with Transfer Belt
13. Feed a Resident
14. Calculate Intake and Output
15. Place Resident in a Side-Lying Position
16. Perform Passive Range of Motion
17. Apply and Remove Personal Protective Equipment
18. Measure and Record Temperature, Pulse and Respiration
19. Measure and Record Blood Pressure
20. Measure and Record Weight
21. Measure and Record Height