INACE Question and Answers from 2023 Annual CNA Instructors Conference

Questions and answers have been added below. They are in an accordion format. Please click on the question or the “+” symbol to the right of the question to expand the answer area. 

How do you decide which programs are monitored?

Monitoring may occur at any time. Scheduling depends on current master schedule (MS), class days, hours, and location.

Ostomy care – emptying into bedpan is SOP at nursing homes?


If teaching hybrid class, is it mandatory to be in person for any module except Alzheimer’s?

Hybrids have mandatory face-to-face (FtF) hours related for orientation and for approved lab hours only. Ex. CPR would be FtF. 

Question on State Exam: Why is there a question about placement of alternating pressure mattress? This depends on the manufacturer – there is no clear answer.

There is NOT a question on the State Exam referencing a “alternating pressure mattress”.  

Some students do not complete the 2 Step TB test, can we accept a negative TB blood test?

Yes, the tuberculosis (TB) blood test shows if you have TB germs in your body. The TB blood test can be done instead of a TB skin test (Mantoux). 

There are two kinds of TB blood tests: 

  • QuantiFERON®-TB 
  • T-SPOT®.TB 
How do you motivate students in online teaching (Hybrid)?

Vary teaching methods, utilize student-centered learning activities, and conduct an online search for online classroom teaching ideasLink to Instructor Teaching Resources: 

Can the binder be electronic?

Yes, but it must contain all documents and be readily accessible by the Education Coordinator within five minutes of arrival to theory site. 

Do we need to bring the document binder to clinical?

No, only a copy of the MS would be expected. 

Please clarify the required break times & differences for class and clinical.

See MS Instructions for information on minimum break time. Calculation of amount of time to deduct from class hours for break is based on length of class. The time(s) that breaks are provided may be structured however you like. 

For Hybrid CNA courses, what is the minimum theory hours? Minimum clinical hours?

Minimum requirement of no less than 120 program hours (80 hours theory, 40 hours clinical). 

When are you updating the skills videos, they’re nice and short but needs to be updated.

Skills videos are provided through many resources. The date for the next update has not been set. 

Is there still a (course) completion form and where is it?

The form is electronic only and can be created by the Program Coordinator (PC) at Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Exam (INACE). Link: 

Is it paid employment that keeps someone certified for 2 years, or is it 12 hours of education?
Can ESL students get 1.5 time for certification test?

No. English as a second language is not recognized as a disability by the Illinois Department of Public Health and does not qualify the individual for accommodation testing. Individuals who are working in primarily English-speaking facilities are expected to be able to read and speak English fluently, and are required to take the Illinois Nurse Aide competency Exam in English. See Testing Accommodations link: 

Are programs authorized to do background checks in states other than Illinois?

That would be a question for your specific program director. For information related to Illinois refer to Section 395.171 Health Care Worker Background Check. Link: 

When are the start and end dates of a class entered in the HCWR?

Entering the start date at the beginning of the course will ensure the program will be contacted should a hit pop up on one of your students and should be entered at the start of class. Entry of the end date will be done at end of class. This let’s the HCWR know they do not need to contact the program for hits because the student is no longer in the program. 

Can facility-based programs be hybrid?


Can a facility program provide high school or college credit?

It would be up to the program to explore student credit options. 

Can Skill 6 (partial bath) be eliminated or replaced with complete bed bath?

No, however a student who can perform a complete bed bath competently should be able to perform a partial bed bath. 

Are Theory Zoom sessions mandatory attendance for Hybrid classes?

Programs must follow allocation of hours and ensure completion of all content. Tracking of student hours is the responsibility of the program. 

Are monitoring visits done at the clinical sites?

Yes, if needed. The clinical site is not the ideal site for the monitoring visit. However, sometimes it may be the only option based on the schedule or based on request by IDPH.