Exam Fees

The current fees are:

$67.00First time applicants.
$35.00Retake of the written exam. (Failed exam previously)
One year from previous test date to re-apply at $35 re-take fee.

Other Fees:

$25.00Reschedule written exam. (No show – did not attend a scheduled exam.)
One year from previous test date to re-schedule at $25 no-show fee.
$45.00Additional charge for translated exam.
$10.00Manual scoring of the exam. (This fee will be refunded if the remarking shows that the original results were incorrect.)
$7.00Duplicate result letter request must be made in writing.
$65.00Re-test only, on registry but has not worked in 2 years (code 9996)

Note: All fees paid must be in the form of a money order, payable to Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC). Money orders for individual students must show the student’s name.

Refund and Credit

Partial refunds will be granted to individuals who submit a refund request in writing to the Nurse Aide Testing Office prior to the scheduled test date. Twenty dollars ($20.00) of the application fee will be withheld from any refund for processing and handling.

No refund will be made to an applicant who paid a reschedule fee of $15.00 after the application has been processed.

No student will be assigned to an examination center in place of another student who is unable to take the exam on the scheduled date.

No refunds will be made for less than $10.00.