Julia Ross-Ringering

Julia Ross-RingeringJulia Ross – Ringering has joined the staff of the Nurse Aide Testing Project in the Department of Workforce Education and Development at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. A Registered Nurse for 24 years, she has a Master’s in Business Administration and is scheduled to complete her Master’s in Nursing Education in 2017. Her role as Education Coordinator is to coordinate education programs and workshops for the instructors of Basic Nurse Aide Assistant Training Programs (BNATP) throughout the central to northern regions of Illinois. She is also responsible for working with the Illinois Department of Public Health to conduct on-site evaluations of classroom and clinical programs.

Julia is excited to be working with instructors and program coordinators throughout the state. She looks forward to being a part of all the exciting opportunities to come and to being a catalyst for change.

Please help us welcome Julia to the Nurse Aide Testing team in her role as Education Coordinator.